Chinese online retailer came to Russia after AliExpress and

    Another trading platform from China enters the Russian market - . Yesterday, August 31, in Beijing, Qiwi Group and the Russian express carrier SPSR-Express entered into a cooperation agreement.

    “Cooperation with presupposes the first experience in providing a cash on delivery service ,” Alex Vasiliev, head of the SPSR-Express International Development Department, told Kommersant. “With AliExpress and, we are working on a prepaid system for goods,” he adds.

    SPSR-Express will take care of all the tasks associated with the shipment of goods: from collecting items in China to delivering to the final recipient in Russia and collecting money in Russia for Chinese sellers on Delivery to the buyer will be carried out by courier and pickpoint . Delivery time to Moscow will not exceed two to three days. For regions, it will increase to six days, adds Mr. Vasiliev.

    The role of Qiwi will be to use processing for settlements with foreign online stores and minimize the risks of buyers and sellers, explains the company's project director Edwin Lukanov. “The seller is guaranteed to receive the amount in dollars for the order, and the buyer will pay the amount in rubles upon delivery, which he agreed upon at the time of placing the order on the website of the online store. Many participants in the cross-border trade market are now showing interest in this product, ”he admits. has been around since 2004. The company has more than 5.5 million customers in more than 224 countries. The retailer offers over 30 million items in various categories - from electronics, accessories and home goods to clothing and cosmetics. The founder of the company is Diana Wang. In 2004, Amazon bought its previous online retailer, , for $ 75 million. is the third largest Internet site from China to enter the Russian market. AliExpress and have already entered Russia. "The success of AliExpress in Russia did not go unnoticed in China, we are pleased that other companies are following in our footsteps," said

    To Kommersant, the head of the Alibaba Group representative office in Russia, Mark Zavadsky. Logistics today through the efforts of pioneers such as AliExpress and eBay is perfectly tuned, but there is no production in our country, that is, the Chinese come here seriously and for a long time, says the president of the National Association of Distance Trade, Alexander Ivanov.

    According to Victor Xu, President of International Business Group, cross-border trade will double by the end of 2015. In 2014, it amounted to about $ 7 billion, with 63% of this amount accounted for by Chinese online retailers.

    “Russia has a large European audience by European standards - 75 million people, of which more than 20 million people repeatedly made purchases in 2014. In the coming years, the audience of customers and the frequency of purchases will increase. In addition, there is significant potential for the growth of the average bill, which last year amounted to about 3.3 thousand rubles, while the average order on AliExpress was only about 800 rubles, ”says CEO Alexei Romanenkov. If Chinese suppliers will be able to wrap in their favor unpopular among the Russian public purchases in dollars and euros, then their market share will grow even faster, he believes.

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