Russian Baikal Electronics will receive a loan of 500 million rubles from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the production of microprocessors

    The Russian manufacturer of Baikal Electronics microprocessors will receive a loan of 500 million rubles for the mass production of Baikal-T1 processors. The Industrial Development Fund ( FRP ) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade approved a loan for 5 years at 5% per annum.

    The company plans to release 5 million processors by 2020. By this time, Baikal Electronics will be able to return the money to the fund. Director of the Department of Strategic Development and Project Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov believes that the cost of the processor allows us to talk about its competitiveness both in Russia and abroad. The processor will find application in routers of access to broadband Internet networks, WiFi access points, printers, machine control software systems and automated control systems.

    The Baikal Electronics loan still has to approve the FRF Supervisory Board. Its approval is required for loans worth more than 368 million rubles. According to the representative of the fund, the supervisory board has not rejected a single project approved by the expert council.

    The costs of the last stage of preparation for serial production of processors will amount to 778 million rubles. The remaining 278 million rubles will be invested by the T-platform company (owns 75% of Baikal Electronics), its representative Elena Churakova reports.

    The microprocessor consists of several layers, and Baikal Electronics will pay about 50 photomasks from which each layer will be printed, saidVedomosti Technical Director Grigory Khrenov. A set of masks for a 28 nm processor now costs about $ 1.5–2 million, and the manufacture of a series of test plates at an Asian factory will cost another approximately $ 60,000, said Alexei Dianov, representative of the Mikron microelectronic plant. Thus, the amount claimed for “preparation for mass production” can be overestimated several times, he said.

    Depending on the exact parameters known only to the manufacturer, the cost of preparing mass production may vary, says Svetlana Appalonova, chairman of the association of manufacturers of electronic equipment and devices. In her opinion, the declared $ 10 million is a sufficient amount.

    Baikal-T1 was designed in Russia, but its production was launched at the Taiwan plantTSMC . According to one participant in the microelectronics market, designing a processor without taking into account production could cost the company about $ 20 million.

    The Russian company Kraftway also received 500 million rubles from the FRP in early August. The company launches the production of domestic computers.

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