The main differences between SEO promotion in the search engines Google and Yandex

    We noticed that the share of Yandex search traffic on the Wild Boar is much less than the share of Google. Those. significantly less than the average traffic ratio of Yandex / Google in the market.

    In the process of analyzing the problem, we read several dozen articles on this topic and collected the most important facts that may be useful to you.


    General differences between Google and Yandex

    • The age of the site is more important for Yandex.
    • Moving on the bass is much easier in Yandex. To do this, just write high-quality unique content. In Google, without links to a page, promoting bass is difficult. Yandex needs trust donors for midrange and bass.
    • The site indexing speed in Yandex is several times slower than Google’s: 8-10 days versus 1-2.
    • Frequent content updates affect the trust in Google. Yandex loves old unique texts.
    • According to RF requests in the Yandex TOP, you can see mainly the main pages of sites. On Google, more often internal pages.
    • On one page of Google search, there may be 5 links from one site. in Yandex - only one page.
    • Yandex is easier to influence through behavioral factors than Google.
    • Google does not always pay attention to the ban on indexing in robots.txt.
    • Page loading speed is more important to Google. He does not let slow sites into the TOP. For Yandex, site loading speed is not so important.
    • Yandex likes subdomains for regional queries more. Those. for promotion in another city it is better to use the domain
    • For Yandex, finding a site in Yandex.Catalog is of great importance.

    Internal optimization

    • Yandex no longer likes re-optimizing texts. Google takes it simpler.
    • Yandex better understands morphology, therefore, appreciates the good quality of texts. A simple rewrite for Yandex is not suitable.
    • Google loves large texts, Yandex - concise and well-structured.
    • The density of keywords for promotion on Google should be higher (8-10%) than for Yandex (1-3%).
    • The title of the page is more important for promotion on Google.
    • In Google, internal linking is more important than in Yandex.
    • Yandex forms a snippet from the text of the page, Google - from the meta description tag.
    • For Yandex, it is desirable that the anchor is used not only on one page of the site, but also on others. For Google this is not important.
    • Google is easier on non-unique images on the site.
    • Yandex ignores the alt tag, Google considers it as plain text on the page.
    • Google practically doesn’t take into account footer links. Yandex - takes into account.

    External optimization

    • Yandex takes into account the regionality of donors, Google does not. Those. you can buy links from anywhere to promote on Google.
    • In Google on a page, only the first link and its anchor are taken into account, Yandex - all links, even if they lead to the same page.
    • On Google, you can buy links with the same anchor. In Yandex, you can immediately get a filter for this.
    • For reckless purchase of links Google will punish rather than Yandex.
    • Google takes into account new links faster. They give an effect almost immediately after indexing. For Yandex, the age of the link is important - the older, the more strength.
    • Google treats direct occurrences of keywords in anchors normally. For Yandex, it is advisable to dilute the anchor sheet.
    • Google loves end-to-end links from sites, but for Yandex it’s better to take only one link from the main page.
    • Donor links are more important to Yandex than to Google.
    • Yandex understands the subject matter of the article and takes this into account when calculating the weight of the link from the donor.
    • For Yandex, the donor theme is very important. For Google, this is not critical - you can move forward with non-thematic donors.

    Have you noticed these features of promotion on Yandex? In the comments, share your observations and experimental results.

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