Demand for smartphones in Russia is growing at a record pace

    Photo: Vedomosti

    In just two days, on August 24 and 25, 2015, revenue from sales of mobile devices in Svyaznoy grew immediately by 85% compared to the first two days of last week. Active growth is also observed in MTS - in monetary terms this is about 40%, calculated on a week-to-week basis, Vedomosti writes . Already, MTS’s revenue from smartphone sales is 80% higher than last year. In M.Video, revenue from portable electronics sales is 40–200%, compared to the first two days of last week.

    According to the representative of "The Messenger", the rush demand for smartphones may be caused by the weakening of the ruble. Typically, in communication stores of various companies, demand growth increases sharply with the weakening ruble. Thus, buyers are trying to buy a smartphone before the price increases. The second reason that affects the growth in demand for smartphones may be the beginning of a new school year.

    There are accompanying factors - for example, low prices in MTS salons, now the company sells smartphones at cost. MTS also holds an action - if the buyer purchases a Samsung smartphone, then up to 10,000 rubles will be returned to the subscriber’s account.

    The representative of Euroset Ulyana Smolskaya claims that now in retail there is a rather large seasonal increase in sales. This growth, according to Smolskaya, is to some extent due to the weakening of the ruble, but this reason is not too significant.

    If manufacturers increase their purchase prices for electronics, then prices for mobile devices in retail will also rise. Now, for example, Svyaznoy does not plan to revise prices, but in the near future, most likely, prices will still rise. For example, from Friday, August 28, the price of the Lenovo Vibe Shot smartphone will increase immediately by 10%.

    Prices for Fly smartphones will grow by 5-6%, however, the exact timing is unknown. Perhaps a change in prices for Samsung Galaxy smartphones - up to 5-7%. In some retail chains, Samsung smartphone prices will rise by 10% or more. I sent a notice of price increases for my smartphones and Microsoft. True, the size of the increase is still unknown.

    According to the director general of the agency "Infoline-analytics" Mikhail Burmistrov, after the growth in consumer activity, a significant decline is unlikely to begin, as it was at the very beginning of 2015.

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