Rating of programming languages ​​on GitHub and in Russia *

    Most recently, github posted statistics for 8 years on its blog . Our service is a little less than a year old and there are not many users, of course, but we crossed 20K registrations (yes, quite a lot of juniors, but more on that later) plus we can tell not only about percentages, but also about the absolute number of

    Top 10 on GitHub:

    Our rating of programming languages ​​(counted the number of submissions).


    Language / Number of submissions
    1. C ++ 16800
    2. Java 5288
    3. C # 5109
    4. PHP 5053
    5. Python 3704
    6. JavaScript 2524
    7. Ruby 654
    8. Bash 140
    9. Swift 137
    10. Go 120

    In total, it can be seen with the naked eye that the statistics are quite different (for example, we supported swift and go, although the gap to the leaders is quite high).

    If you have opinions about the differences in ratings, then about this in the comment pliz.

    upd 1:
    Recently published statistics on the popularity of languages ​​on hackathons, we will write on this topic a little later, including about online participants

    upd 2:
    I consider it important to note that WillDev is not primarily an HR service and we are still our the main tasks we see are the creation and development of the coolest rating (if interested, we can post more statistics in accordance with our formula) and an upgrade of vacancies.

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