10 Commandments, or Manifesto Manager

Original author: Julie Zhuo
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10) Always first understand the situation, and then draw conclusions and make decisions.

9) It is incredibly easy to “flip a switch” and start debiting people after several unpleasant situations. Try your best to resist it. You also once worked ineptly. You also made the wrong decisions. You learn and grow, and everyone else too.

8) Collect the crumbs. Wipe the tables. Turn off the lights. Do the little things that need to be done - even if it is unskilled work, even if no one knows about it. Do it for the benefit of the product, the company and all that wonderful and magical that you create together.

7) Recognize that you cannot do everything in the world. Close your eyes and lean back - learn to trust others.

6) Obviously, there is a more efficient way to accomplish your tasks. Which one? Think about it during your daily trip home.

5) Find out which people rely on you, and how you can help them be self-sufficient. You can feel your own importance as a monopolist in the supply of salmon, but if the whole village learns how to fish, then you will have the opportunity to do something else. For example, learn how to grow wheat or tame cute wolf cubs.

4) Do not say anything that does not contribute to the discussion. Your voice is not so sweet that you could not do without its sound.

3) Making the best decisions is not as important as starting the right processes to ensure that the best decisions are made.

2) Do not skimp on gratitude and encouragement, as well as on expressing your own opinion.

1) And above all: never, never put sticks in wheels. It is better to stick around and count the raven than to stand in the way of progress, indulging your ego.

This is my personal list, and perhaps it was influenced to a small extent by my work (project management) and my place of work (Facebook), and how many talented people influenced me. I am not saying that I follow this list daily. But this is a quiet voice that greets me in the mornings, a whisper at the end of every day, a shadow outline of that dazzling ideal, which I have met very rarely. This is something to strive for. This is a manifesto worth following.

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