Airline sellers will not transfer data from foreign servers to Russia

    Photo: Safron Golikov / Kommersant

    One of the most serious problems associated with the entry into force of amendments to the law on personal data is the need to transfer data to domestic servers with foreign airline reservation systems. Now, it seems, this problem has been solved - such systems are exempted from the obligation to store the data of citizens of the Russian Federation in the country, Kommersant reports . Such a decision is completely legal, since ticket reservation systems are agents of airlines that have already been removed from the law. As a result, problems for passengers are removed. True, another problem arises - the reality of the Rostec project to create a national airline reservation system.

    Note that some foreign systems, for example, the American GDS Saber, were not ready to change their own IT architecture in connection with the amendments. It was easier for such companies to disconnect Russian partners from the system. Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Transport held several meetings in spring and summer with representatives of airline reservation services, after which the tension subsided somewhat.

    “At this stage, the explanation is quite understandable, therefore we are satisfied with the wording,” said Dmitry Krasnov, SITA Vice President for Russia. Thus, market participants calmed down somewhat, although there are still a few problems. For example, Saber and Amadeus are also involved in hotel reservations and car rental. Therefore, "the indirect business of GDS is potentially at risk of enforcing the law."

    Plus, the official position of the Ministry of Communications is not satisfied with another agency - the FSB. This service believes that all data of domestic users should be stored in the Russian Federation. Rostec State Corporation agrees with this opinion, which has already begun the implementation of a project to create a national airline reservation system.

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