Yandex technologies for big data analysis will save Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works $ 3–9 million a year

    The company "Yandex" has signed a contract with Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine ( MMK ) on the creation of the "Sniper", optimizing the processes of melting steel. Optimization unit will Yandex Data Factory is engaged in the implementation of big data analysis techniques ( big data ).

    These technologies are used to determine the optimal amount of ferroalloys and additives in the production of steel, based on data on the initial composition and mass and the specified characteristics of the final product. Subsequently, decisions on the composition of the additives will be made based on the recommendations of the created analysis system.

    MMK became the first client among heavy industry companies for Yandex Data Factory. It is planned to achieve a saving of raw materials at the level of $ 3–9 million per year, says a representative of MMK. To complete the project, he said, is planned in October. The amount of the contract is not disclosed. In addition, Yandex Data Factory clients include Rosavtodor (congestion and traffic accident forecasting system), Wargaming (predicting the outflow of users of the World of Tanks computer-based online game based on their gaming successes), Astrazenek (for use in epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics and treatment of diseases) and Sberbank (consultations on “analysis of super-data arrays”, the contract value is 13.7 million rubles).

    Big data technologies, based on the analysis of data on events that have already happened, can be used to predict equipment failures, formulate recommendations on the optimal use of resources, and much more. In an attempt to expand the scope of its technologies in February 2014, Yandex created several dozen pilot projects.

    Not all of them have such technologies as Yandex, probably a couple of dozens of companies in the world, the founder of Yandex, Arkady Volozh , told Vedomosti. Of the Russian companies, Big Three operators are also involved in Big Data analysis for third-party customers. For Megafon , for example, this direction brings about 1% of revenue. IDC

    Analystsit is believed that by 2018 the big data market will be $ 60 billion. Business Analytics Software estimates that by 2018 it will be $ 30 billion.

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