Using multilending to increase positions and lower prices in Yandex.Direct


    At the end of August Yandex. Direct ”, as you know, will switch from the GSP auction system (“ second price ”auction) to the VCG (Vickrey-Clark-Groves) model.

    “Unlike the current auction, where the increase in the price of a click is associated with an increase in position, in the new VCG auction, the price of a click rises directly with an increase in traffic,” Yandex said.
    This transition will increase the benefits for advertisers, as the auction optimizes the cost-per-click on any position in the block. But here the question arises about the use of new tools from advertisers, so that these same positions and prices are the most attractive.

    The key difference from the old system will be that higher-quality and more attractive ads for users that lead to relevant pages will receive ranking advantages.

    The Yandex press service reports: “To calculate the quality of advertising, we will also use some relevance factors (pages - editor's note), which we already use in Yandex search. This will allow us to increase the quality of traffic for advertisers and the relevance of the search results page, as well as increase the completeness and quality of advertising. "

    Thus, for owners of ads, the highest priority is to improve the quality of the content. To promote the content of the page should be as appropriate as the text of the ad. This is the main factor of relevance for Yandex as well as for other search engines.

    The most effective way to achieve this interaction is to use adaptive content, that is, multi-partnering.

    Customization for the client
    There are two options for creating a unique page for each trading offer:
    First - creating a separate page with its own URL for each ad.
    The second is the creation of multi-landing, which replaces the content depending on the request.
    Obviously, not one of the hundreds of pages created for different requests will compete with the multilingualism, which corresponds to thousands at once.

    So, what elements of the landing page can be changed to increase relevance:
    • The title, first of all. There is no need to configure substitution for each request. One has only to understand the main features of the product and the needs that arise in different segments of the audience and show a heading relevant to the group of requests in each segment.
    • Supply structure. It changes in accordance with the proposed product, service or purchase conditions.
    • Subheadings, an offer on the order form, button labels.
    • Photos, background items.

    When Yandex and other search engines find a high level of content compliance with the offer, they will respond by increasing the position in the advertising results.

    In turn, customers who clicked on an ad will respond much more loyally to headings that are most consonant with their request. It is also important that visitor activity is taken into account in a number of other factors for assessing the quality of site content.
    Thus, the conversion will increase, as well as positions in relation to competitors and according to other relevance criteria, which now number more than two hundred.

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