Yandex will divert some of the Wikipedia users through the Timeline service with celebrity information

    Yandex plans to divert the attention of some Wikipedia users and online media using the new celebrity information submission form, Kommersant writes . The new format provides celebrity search queries for a list of events sorted by year. A company representative told Kommersant that the format is closest to the chronicle of events.

    The timeline experimental format is automatically generated based on the Yandex.News database, Yandex search algorithms and uses the popularity of documents, the number of links to them and the authority. The company considers competitors of the new Wikipedia format and tabloids. The main difference between Timeline and its competitors is a structured issue with automatic highlighting of the most interesting events. The flow is formed by automatic algorithms, not by the editors.

    Yandex algorithms search the News database for messages with an object in the heading, group messages into stories, and compile a list of events in descending order of user interest. Yandex takes data for issuance, including on Wikipedia and Kinopoisk .

    The representative of Yandex reports that the decision to launch the format has not yet been made, it is too early to talk about its monetization. In the future, it may be due to advertising. Changes in the results are not yet visible to all users.

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