Education is multiplicative

When a high school student or university student comes to study with a teacher, he often unknowingly expects the teacher to teach the subject without much effort on the part of the student. In an ideal world, the student would have been given a magic pill with the words "Matan", he washed it with vodka, and boldly went to the exam. In the real world, you can do almost the same - only without a pill and with a different exam result.

Sensible students do not hope for a magic pill and even understand that the main thing is not to pass an exam, but to understand a subject that may come in handy in later life. To do this, they are looking for a good teacher and begin to understand the subject themselves, as a result of the level of knowledge and skills they overtake their passive comrades by an order of magnitude. Just like in the situation with the developers: a good developer can be 100 or more times more productive than a bad one, and a very bad project participant will do a little more harm.

Why is this happening? Assume that:
“Knowledge gained = knowledge that the teacher gave * knowledge that the student studied himself”
This simple formula shows that if at least one of the teacher-student pairs does not work, then the learning efficiency will be drastically reduced.

What can be advised for effective training (everything is simple and far from new):
  • Find a good teacher. How to do it: talk with a senior student; ask him for a list of literature worth reading before his course; quietly go to his lecture (even if you figure out something, you will have time to hear something).
  • Find good literature. To do this, just find one good book, and then "all good books refer to each other."
  • To study, because “education is multiplicative” and no matter how good a teacher is, if you multiply it by zero, then zero will result.

Purpose of this post
The purpose of this post on the eve of the new school year to stir up at least a few students. And they will be fine, and teachers are interested in dealing with them.

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