Yandex.Taxi service tripled revenue during the crisis and ahead of Uber


    The Yandex.Taxi transport service was able to triple its revenue in the second quarter of 2015. At the same time, the service left behind its competitor, Uber, according to business indicators in Russia, Roem writes . During the year, the project should cover about 25 cities, and now Yandex.Taxi brings most of the revenue to the capital.

    Interestingly, in Moscow alone, the service fleet is more than 15 thousand cars. The Israeli Gett service has 10 thousand cars, and the American Uber has 3 thousand cars. A competitor from the United States also works in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Yandex.Taxi brings a substantial portion of the non-advertising revenue of a domestic company.

    As for the second quarter of 2015, the revenue growth of non-advertising services of the company (this includes the taxi project) amounted to 202%. This situation has been observed for the third quarter in a row. In the first quarter, the increase in revenue amounted to about 163% (276 million rubles in monetary terms). The share in total income is 2.24%. In the second quarter, this indicator amounted to 2.42%, from 635 million rubles in monetary terms.

    Now, according to the head of the service, Tigran Khudaverdyan, the income of online taxi booking services is growing even faster than expected.

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