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Original author: Yaniv Tross
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Designing a product or service is a very responsible process. In the field of design, this direction has resulted in a whole industry of UI / UX specialists and studios that develop special methodologies and set the structure for the creative process of finding the right design.

This approach allows us to justify the adoption of certain design decisions based on data - the number of transitions to complete the task, feedback from field testing, and so on. We are of the same opinion when developing our IaaS provider . / photo Yandle CC

Where to begin

As soon as we started, we were faced with obvious difficulties that lay with non-specialists in the field of IT. Our support team was inundated with requests and questions.

This problem prompted us to actively work on the creation of practical materials and manuals. A blog on Habré similarly helps us share our experience in modernizing the service, which makes our work understandable and transparent for customers.

Here you need to understand that it is impossible in advance to create universal solutions that will suit all user groups. The optimization process begins after launch and is ongoing.

At the start of a project, executives like to extol its complexity and show off the number of lines of code, or vice versa - emphasize minimalism. Here it is necessary to find a balance, because the client is indifferent to these details - he needs to solve his problems.

For this, most customers already have the usual tools. Not many people will want to switch to something new if they are not sure that it really works, and does not just look like something fashionable and technologically complex.

It is very important to provide the user of your product or service with a familiar environment. This technique is used by developers of many applications, including for working with documents, focusing on the interface of popular packages from Microsoft. This approach helps reduce the time it takes to learn a new service and reduce customer stress.

Attention to detail

One of our basic principles of work is that we are working on providing simple and understandable tools that even those who have not previously encountered the topic of IT infrastructure can understand.

To do this, we have developed service services that accelerate the installation and configuration process. For example, you can deploy a new server in just a couple of minutes, and for this you will not need to write a huge number of commands and configure something.

We have introduced pre-installed packages in a number of our products that allow you to immediately customize the contents of your website, if all you need is to create a business card website.

In addition, we implemented a special calculator directly on the main page. It allows you to quickly determine how much resources you need, and understand the level of costs for renting these facilities.

The interface of a product or service is what people work with again and again. It cannot be replaced solely by marketing. One way or another, few will be hindered by openness and a regular exchange of experience with the community. This helps to understand what really needs to be implemented, and which part of the interface can simply be abandoned.

PS A little about the work of the virtual infrastructure provider 1cloud :

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