Experts talked about effective tools and the latest trends in SEO-optimization in the Russian market discussed the latest trends in SEO-optimization with Russian specialists.

    SEO-specialists solve a rather wide range of tasks, but pursue very specific goals: increase traffic, internal website optimization and bug fixes, analyze competitor sites (including in social media), increase the site in search results, and optimize the semantic core. However, to achieve them, you will need diverse SEO tools. Experts commented on the means to achieve these goals and proposed appropriate tools.

    Traffic increase

    According to experts, Key Collector is suitable for this purpose . The basic function of Key Collector is to collect queries and tips from search engines in areas of interest. Just-Magic , a professional semantics selection service that will break into groups the query core collected in Key Collector and make a calculation for each on a separate page,

    will enhance the result . Oleg Smagin, optimizer (Kokoc Group):

    If a client chose website promotion for an action, for example, for a percentage of sales, the optimizer is faced with the task of not only bringing traffic to the website, but converting it as much as possible. In this case, you need to start by fixing errors, for example, using the Screaming Frog tool . For conducting A / B testing of changes on the site, the Google Content Experiments service will be useful .

    Internal website optimization and bug fixes

    PageWeight helps set up internal linking, relieve broken links and fix the site map, says Andrey Voropaev, CEO of TriLan. PageWeight also gives an idea of ​​the link weight of all pages.

    Sergey Nikonorov, Ingate Digital Agency Search Promotion Leader, recommends Rush-analytics . The system helps to collect prompts, cluster queries into groups.

    Sergey Nikonorov, Head of Search Promotion, Ingate Digital Agency:
    Special mention deserves the tool SeoLib . It allows you to diagnose the imposition of various sanctions on the site. The service overlays traffic graphs with updates from search engines indicating possible filters.

    Analysis of competitor sites

    Most often they use FastTrust tools and ahrefs service . CEO Roman Klevtsov adds to this list a tool for collecting and analyzing incoming links to competitor sites , services for analyzing and selecting semantics for and sites, and a service for automatic SEO audit and site diagnostics .

    The Buzzsumo service allows you to analyze the site of competitors in social media, helps to track popular topics and trends in social networks, and also analyzes links to the site from social networks. Another SMM service - - allows you to purchase links in the blogosphere, social networks and media in an automated manner.

    Improving the position of the site in search results

    Wizard.Sape allows you to create the best text for each group of queries. The optimizer enters the query of interest, and the tool analyzes the TOP-10 sites based on the results of search engines. Based on the data, Wizard.Sape makes recommendations.

    Denis Shubenok, Director of the Department of Search Engine Optimization at Ashmanov & Partners:
    You can check the site’s position and compare it with competitors using the service . The widest possibilities, from analysis and search of incoming links, displays of Yandex search phrases to analysis of web user behavior, are provided by webmaster panels from Google, Yandex, Mail, as well as Wordstat.yandeх and ahrefs.

    Semantic core optimization

    According to experts, Rush Analytics is one of the most effective tools for its formation of the semantic core with the function of collecting prompts from Yandex and Google in any region.

    Dmitry Apukhtin, leading website promotion specialist Russian Promo:
    To work with internal factors, I advise you to use , it is a powerful text exchange, and in combination it is one of the best services that determine the uniqueness of the text. In addition to the main purpose, the service can be used to search for duplicate pages of a site in a search, because it will show not only duplicate content on someone else’s site, but your own site will not pass by. is a fairly simple, but no less useful service. It allows you to quickly determine the page code or track the chain of redirects. allows you to analyze the uptime of the site. This is quite an important thing, and if it is free (for 50 sites), it checks the site every 5 minutes and, in case of an error, immediately sends a report to the mail, then it’s absolutely great!

    “Our area is changing - algorithms are changing, and if earlier the most important tool was automating the purchase of effective links, today it is much more important to automate SEO analytics. But what tool and at what time to apply should be decided by the “head”, because There are no universal tools. The applicability of the tools depends on the built-in chain of communication with the client; from indicators and site volume; from the problems encountered and, of course, from the promotion strategy, ”summarizes Vladimir Tapkhanayev, head of the search promotion group i-Media.

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