Mail.Ru was the first in Russia to use anti-piracy law to protect its game

    “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons” as presented by the artist (image: Group) is the first Russian game developer to use anti-piracy law to protect his game. The company's lawyers went to court, demanding that the site stop the illegal distribution of the game "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons." The Moscow City Court has been contacted by a subsidiary of the company, Games, writes RBC. This is currently the first appeal to the court with reference to anti-piracy law.

    The Moscow City Court on August 10 took the so-called "preliminary interim measures" in relation to the respondent site. Controversial content as part of the measures taken should be blocked for 15 days, and during this period, the copyright holder can either file a substantive claim or refuse claims. If a lawsuit is filed on the merits, and the court takes the side of the plaintiff, the offending site may be completely blocked.

    “The court granted our application for interim measures and obliged to stop the distribution and other use of the game on this resource,” the Mail.Ru Group said.

    Recall that the anti-piracy law was expanded from May 1, 2015, after the relevant amendments. Now the law applies not only to films or series, but also to other types of content, including books, music and software. Only photographs do not fall under the law.

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