Russian company Kraftway launches production of domestic computers

    The Russian computer and server manufacturer Kraftway plans to release the first experimental batch of computers on the Elbrus microprocessor in the fall. The start of mass production is scheduled for 2016. The Aquarius company , which owns a plant in the Ivanovo Region and is part of the National Computer Corporation, is in talks on the production of computers with the Moscow SPARC-Technology Center (MCST), the manufacturer of Elbrus processors. However, no agreement has yet been reached.

    Kraftway Senior Vice President Renat Yusupov saidVedomosti that in 2016 it is planned to sell several tens of thousands of new computers. The production chain for future production at the Kraftway plant has already been built, logistics issues have been resolved and a business case has been prepared, he adds.

    According to Yusupov, the public sector especially needs computers and high-security servers. Servers capable of operating in secure segments of data centers can be more useful to government customers than personal computers, which are unlikely to be widely used outside the secure segment of government IT systems, he argues.

    Megamind wrote that Rostecis negotiating with the CEC and Russian Post on the purchase of personal computers based on the Russian Elbrus processor. The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has already acquired two computers after a preliminary check.

    The production of computers based on the Elbrus processor is carried out by the MCST and the Institute of Electronic Control Machines. I. S. Brook. Acceptance of orders for domestic PCs was opened on the website of the MCST in April 2015. The first computer cost about 200 thousand rubles. According to representatives of the ICST, the first batch of 50 such computers was sold out. With a large order, the price of a computer is 70 thousand rubles.

    In the first half of 2015, Kraftway accounted for 0.7% of the supply of all personal computers in Russia in pieces, IDC analyst Natalya Vinogradova reports. The share of Aquarius was 1.2%, another 2% belongs to Depo Computers , and 5.9% belongs to DNS . The remaining 90% of the market is controlled by foreign manufacturers. Compared to the 2014 level, the shares of all these manufacturers increased, except for Kraftway (it had 0.8%).

    Kommersant reported yesterday that the Industrial Development Fund ( FRP)), created by order of Dmitry Medvedev to support import-substituting industries, will issue a loan to Kraftway. The company will receive a loan of 500 million rubles at 5% per annum for five years to develop its production of PCs and tablets at a factory in Kaluga Obninsk. Competitors of the company from among foreign manufacturers are convinced that it is inappropriate to assemble computer equipment in Russia, since it is still produced from foreign components.

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