How to increase CTR ads in Yandex Direct. Method number 1

    The first way to increase the CTR that I will share with you is quite hackneyed.

    But checking the first phrase that came to mind in Yandex Direct revealed that 2 advertisers in a special placement of three did not use it.

    These are quick links. The block of quick links is under the announcement.

    In the block there can be up to 4 links. Links should lead to different pages of the site (for landing you can use anchors to different sections, for example # delivery ). The maximum length of the text of one link is 30 characters. The maximum length of the texts of all links is 66 characters.

    Those. in fact, you can write only 2 links of 30 characters each, or you can write all four.

    I recommend always filling out all the links, because, this gives a Large area to the ad and the ad becomes more clickable.

    And now the main tips for filling out quick links:

    1. 66 characters are given for links - occupy them all;

    2. Fill in all 4 links as spaces between them increase the size of the ad;

    3. Try to write advantages in the links themselves (free delivery, install in 1 day, more than 400 customers)

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