Errors of luxury online stores. Why no sales?

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Good afternoon friends!

Just the other day I came across a topic of one entrepreneur, or rather, an entrepreneur.
She complained that she created an i-shop last year, but there are still no sales.
The I-shop sells bedding and other textiles of the Luxeri category.

I went in, I liked the site as a whole from the point of view of an inexperienced user, everything is simple and clear. It would seem ...
But why not sales?

The first thing that killed 99% of my desire to buy something there is an advance payment, 0.5% added that it’s also vigorous. Looks like a divorce, doesn't it?
The alleged store’s CA live in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the entrepreneur is honest and indicated in the contact details of Saratov. Plus to the negative.
The phone was indicated by a mobile phone, then it was replaced by a phone with code 499. For the Luxury segment? Here I would have been 100% sure that this is a divorce and would never have returned to this store, even if it was the last one to sell textiles.
A store that positions itself as a supplier of luxury products should itself be a luxury, without obvious attempts to save.

I close my eyes to the foregoing, look further. Discounts! Old price 1250r new 1250r. Smiled. If there is a jamb, it means where else it can get out, for example, in delivery times, in quality, etc.

Delivery 500 rub. The logic was probably simple, if people buy a pillowcase for 8tyr, what is the load for them 500r? In this case, it does not work. Rather, this will work: people are not poor, if you like something, climb different sites, look for the same thing, but they won't be cheaper, they will buy this pillowcase for 8 and 8.5 ty.

Running ahead, I still don’t I found a reason for myself to buy something in this i-store, in case of urgent need.

To summarize:
1. A luxury store should be attentive to trifles, if discounts, then “honest”, if texts, then without spelling errors, etc.
2. No prepayment. Work with suppliers, let them accept free returns. And if you suddenly feel the urge - make it possible to pay with a credit card, and not with venom, kiwi, etc., but it is better to close immediately.
3. Contacts. If you sell in the province, indicate the contacts of your region. If you sell in megalopolises, but live in another place, indicate the contacts of the megalopolis. Now there are services that "substitute" the phone of the region from which the buyer enters. Create the feeling that you are near. You can omit the address at all if you do not have a warehouse = pickup. Phone - no 499. Everyone knows that it’s a penny cheaper than 495. If Moscow time and if luxury, then only 495
4. Delivery should be average for the region. For Moscow and St. Petersburg is 250-300r. Do not think that people with plenty are fools and will be willing to overpay for obvious things. And it’s better to hide it in the price of the goods, thereby trump it with free shipping. The buyer will consider this a pleasant bonus = an additional plus to recommend you and return for the “duvet cover”.

About promotion methods, website design, etc. I do not write. Surely "yourself with a mustache."
Thank you for attention.


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