Yandex has launched the Yandex.Delivery Logistics Services Aggregator

    The company "Yandex" has launched a b2b-service "Yandeks.Dostavka" . It aims to organize effective interaction between online stores and courier services. The service enables shops to collaborate with various carriers. At the same time, the store will be provided with shipment of goods, document management and a settlement system. Yandex.Dostavka specializes in transporting goods from Moscow and the Moscow Region to the regions of Russia.

    “In the regions there is low consumer activity, shops do not send goods there. This is difficult and expensive: you need to work with several carriers at once, pay everyone for the shipment of goods, keep documents and calculations with them, ”explained the head of Yandex.MarketPavel Aleshin. According to Alyoshin, in many regions there is a narrow range of goods and there is no choice of prices and delivery method. The new service will simplify shopping logistics, working on the principle of "one window".

    For online stores, the service will be free, only freight forwarders will be charged at standard rates and additional services — for example, sorting goods or receiving money from customers, said Dmitry Mamonov, head of Yandex.Delivery , to Kommersant. In all conflict situations, Yandex will take responsibility and, if necessary, will pay compensation to the affected parties.

    The company expects to receive discounts from delivery services, as it will supply them with a large number of orders. And since the stores will pay for delivery at standard rates, the service can take the remainder from the overpayment.

    Five logistics companies have already become Yandex.Delivery partners: Russian Post , Axiomus , Boxberry , DPD, and Strizh . Their geography covers all regions of the country.

    Customers of the service will be able to use the services “Parcel-online” and “Courier-online” from “Russian Post”. The services were developed for clients of the Russian Post, who monthly send at least 1000 items. However, an exception will be made for users of Yandex.Delivery whose shipments do not meet the minimum requirements, reports.

    “Online parcel” means delivery to the post office in 38 major cities of Russia, the cost of the service is 149 rubles. “Courier online” involves the delivery of items to the recipient's address in one of the 27 cities of destination, the cost is 199 rubles. Parcels weighing up to 5 kg are delivered at fixed prices with guaranteed delivery times.

    “In fact, the Market, that is, the aggregator of goods, integrated the aggregator of courier services, which will be very popular, because logistics at small stores has serious costs. In 2014-2015, it became cheaper to outsource delivery than before. We recently interviewed several hundred participants in the e-commerce market, and the vast majority of the question “What do you need from logistics?” Answered: “The most important thing is that this headache is removed from us.” Yandex goes exactly along this path, responding to market demand, ”summarizes Data Insight co-founder Fedor Virin.

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