Federal Customs Service will check Apple Watch at Yandex.Market

    The Association of Internet Trading Companies AKIT appealed to the Federal Customs Service with a complaint about the sale of Apple Watch in Yandex.Market. The authors of the complaint reported that Apple did not start selling smart watches, but they already have an aggregator, and they can be purchased directly through the service - that is, the company "receives income from the sale of goods imported in violation of the Customs legislation of the Russian Federation." FCS made a check, but does not comment on its results.


    AKIT unites 16 companies, including M.Video, Svyaznoy and Re: Store. Electronics sellers suggest that the sale of gray watches will hit the demand for Apple Watch, which will officially begin to be sold on July 31, 2015 in twenty Russian stores.
    Russia has a national principle of exhaustion of trademark rights. Without the consent of the copyright holder, the import and sale of goods in the country is prohibited by article 1487 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Apple is a registered trademark in the Customs Register of Intellectual Property. AKIT Executive Director Artem Sokolov
    The representative of Yandex, Asya Melkumova, notes that commodity aggregators do not conduct independent sales, but advertise offers of online stores and, in some cases, allow customers to place an order without going to the store’s website. At the same time, the aggregator does not become a participant in the sale. Companies that advertise Apple watches on Yandex.Market have reported that Apple Inc. in March 2015, she issued all the documents for the sale of devices in Russia, as there is information in the register of certificates of conformity of the Customs Union.

    Oleg Kolotilov, partner at Kulkov, Kolotilov & Partners Law Firm, commented on Kommersantthat the claim against Yandex’s aggregator is unfounded: Yandex.Market doesn’t sell anything, it doesn’t put Apple Watch in Russia. The issue of smuggling goods into the country may be raised in relation to stores.

    In the second quarter of 2015, Apple sold four million Apple Watch, occupying 75.5% of the global market. Samsung has sold four hundred thousand watches. Watch sales in Russia will start on July 31.

    Yandex.Market provides information about buying watches with links to stores. Apple Watch Edition can be purchased at a price of 749,000 rubles, Apple Watch Sport - from 21,680 rubles.

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