Square is about to go public IPO

    Payment device maker Square is getting ready for an IPO. At the same time, the conditions for the company to enter the stock exchange are now optimal, plus last year investors estimated Square at $ 6 billion, Vedomosti writes . Now the company, headquartered in San Francisco, has already sent US regulators an application for an initial public offering. At the same time, Square's management took advantage of the US law on support for startups - according to this law, a company with an annual income of up to $ 1 billion may not disclose details of its work to the IPO.

    According to experts, IPO Square may well become a breakdown for the hi-tech companies market, whose participants do not seek to become public. Instead, private financing is used. According to Dealogic, since the beginning of this year, only 19 companies in the United States have conducted IPOs. Last year, over the same period of time, 41 companies became public.

    Square has been operating in the payment device market for 6 years. Now the company needs to solve a number of organizational issues, including the fate of the workplace of Jack Dorsey, the general director of the company. The fact is that this year, Dorsey became the acting CEO of Twitter. If he continues to work in this company, he will have to leave Square, although Jack Dorsey owns a 26.2% stake in this company.

    Square offers payment terminals to its customers, charging 2.75% from each transaction. The company's solutions are used by many small entrepreneurs, including street food dealers, coffee shop owners and taxi drivers. Square has competitors over the past few years, represented by PayPal, Amazon, Intuit. Now the company is looking for additional sources of income.

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