Yandex may launch its own goods delivery service

    The Yandex company plans to establish a service for delivering goods from Yandex.Market to customers. On July 28, a presentation of this project of a domestic company should take place, writes RBC. Delivery will be carried out from various regions, including China.

    According to a source familiar with the company's plans, Yandex plans to strengthen its presence in the regions, so the company is also considering the possibility of opening its own warehouses. The source also said that Yandex is looking for the opportunity to arrange delivery from China, from small suppliers to the final customer. The main area of ​​work is children's products and electronics.

    Perhaps the logistics project will work on the basis of the MultiShip delivery service aggregator. Yandex acquired this company in January 2014. Last year, MultiShip software was bought for $ 1 million, a little later, the buyer invested several million more in MultiShip. It should be noted that at the time of purchasing this service almost all major delivery services in Russia were connected to it, including Axiomus, B2Cpl, Boxberry, CDEK, Maxima Express, PickPoint, QIWI Post, CourierService Express, Pony Express. Also, about 300 online stores worked with this service.

    However, already in September 2014, Yandex stopped working with MultiShip. “According to the results of the first quarters of joint work, it became clear to both sides that the companies have different approaches to doing business and different ideas about its development,” the Yandex press service said last year.

    A source close to the parties to the transaction, the entire MultiShip team began to develop a new startup, losing interest in the previous project, which could not be scaled inside Yandex.

    Until now, Yandex.Market has not been involved in the delivery of goods - sellers were engaged in logistics. If delivery will be carried out by Yandex, the cost of services for partners will probably be increased. In addition, the number of partners among online sellers will also be expanded. Perhaps the service will interest foreign partners who would like to increase the volume of deliveries of goods to Russia.

    It is possible that one of the incentives for opening Yandex's own logistics service was the entry of the largest Chinese company into the Russian market. Now the Chinese site has already been registered in Yandex.Market, but moderation has not yet passed. representatives deny negotiating a strategic partnership with Yandex.Market.

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