About 19% of companies will not transfer personal data to Russia

    According to the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), 54% of both Russian and foreign companies will be able to transfer all the personal data of their Russian clients to servers located in Russia by September 1, 2015. These data were obtained in a survey with representatives 40 companies that participated in the meeting with Roskomnadzor write Vedomosti. At the same time, 27% are partially ready to transfer data. And another 19% of companies will not be able to transfer data.

    Amendments to the law on personal data require starting September 1 this year to store and process all personal data of Russians in Russia. Moreover, the law considers such data to be personalized that are used for purchases in online stores, registration on websites, etc.

    Most domestic and foreign companies do not have difficulties in preparation for the transfer of data. But 35% of the companies participating in the survey have financial difficulties that impede the transfer process, another 24% are not sure of the sufficient number of resources to carry out such work. It should be noted that such giants as Mail.ru Group, Yandex, Rambler & Co, Google, Ozon.ru, SAP, Samsung, IBM, Visa, eBay, Booking.com, Uber and other companies participated in the meeting with RAEC.

    Earlier, business representatives asked the authorities to delay the implementation of the law, which officials refused. At the same time, this year only a few tenths of a percent of the IT companies operating in Russia will be checked , which by law must transfer the data of Russian users.

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