Digital events in Moscow from 12 to 18 November

    A selection of key events in Moscow for the week.


    Master class by Vladimir Pozner

    • November 13 (Tuesday)
    • Academic Queen 12
    • 3 000 r.
    • Master class on preparing and conducting interviews from the most eminent Russian interviewer.

    Book Club Skolkovo

    • November 13 (Tuesday)
    • New Street, 100
    • from 1 000 p.
    • The SKOLKOVO Business School Lecture Hall opens the Book Club - a platform for talking about books with literary critic Galina Yuzefovich. Talk Chania Yanagihara “Little Life.”

    Maps API 10 years

    • November 13 (Tuesday)
    • Leo Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • On our birthday, we decided to hold a meeting dedicated to using API. Our users will talk about their tasks, for example, Dmitry Vasilyev from Yandex.Pogody will share the history of creating a map of the winds, and Marat Totrov from the Yandex research team will tell about the basic principles and approaches to data visualization.

    MarTech Expo Russia 2018

    • November 13 (Tuesday) - November 15 (Thursday)
    • Dubininskaya 71s5
    • from 3 000 p.
    • November 3-15, MARTECH EXPO RUSSIA 2018 will be held in Moscow - the first international specialized forum in Russia telling about the use of information technologies in operational and strategic marketing. 150 speakers / 12 participating countries

    Business Forum AVRA DAYS - AR / VR / 360 / phygital

    • November 14 (Wednesday)
    • Pokrovka 47
    • from 3 300 r.
    • Annual business conference on the application of the latest interactive technologies for business: AR / VR / 360 / AI / phygital.

    Neuroaesthetics: the brain and the perception of art

    • November 14 (Wednesday)
    • Yauzskaya 5
    • 900 r.
    • Millions of neurons were activated in the brain, special centers evaluated the information, compared it with existing experience and launched an emotional reaction - and you just took a look at Van Gogh's Sunflowers. At the lecture we will talk about how neurobiology explains aesthetic experiences at the level of the workings of the structures and cells of the nervous system. Why does the portrait seem to us “beautiful”, makes the dance feel positive emotions, and rhythmic music “calls” to move?

    28th International Advertising Festival Red Apple

    • November 15th (Thursday)
    • Pokrovka 47
    • from 1 000 p.
    • Red Apple is the main creative festival of the country, bringing together leading professionals in the field of global marketing and advertising.

    FRIA: Clean Up

    • November 15th (Thursday)
    • Myasnitskaya 13s18
    • 2 000 r.
    • Alexander Domanitsky, CEO of EMEX, will talk about what lies behind the term “uberization” and how the company processes 50 thousand orders a day, reaching revenue of 20 billion rubles a year.


    • November 16th (Friday)
    • Leningradsky prospect 39s79
    • is free
    • Open conversation with the founders and top officials of technology e-commerce companies. Real success stories and growth, trial and error, practical service cases in a growing industry.

    Hackaton Rosbank Tech.Madness

    • November 16 (Friday) - November 18 (Sunday)
    • Bersenevskaya Embankment 6s3
    • is free
    • We are Rosbank. We are a reliable and innovative bank, and we are looking for cool developers, and maybe even ready-made teams that will help make our digital products fast and user-friendly. The prize fund of 500 000 p.


    • November 16 (Friday) - November 18 (Sunday)
    • Nobel 3
    • is free
    • Neurohacaton for young scientists and students, specialists, experts, developers in the field of neurotechnologies. The prize fund of 1 000 000 p.

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