Experience WPS Office on Russian soil

What China has not cloned, they have their own analogs of Facebook and Twitter, replicas of well-known smartphone brands, software and hardware. And how often do you see Made in China in your daily life? But now is not about that.

Import substitution program

Import substitution can be treated differently. But the task of increasing countries' resilience to external influences and protecting their security is obvious. Starting with a protectionist policy towards national goods in different countries (China, Brazil, Russia), states come to the idea of ​​import substitution, and not just copying, but creating fundamentally new systems and technologies, in particular, software development. The import substitution program has just begun to gain momentum in the Russian Federation, but applicants for software replacement have already stood out. Among client and server OSs, this is a consortium of domestic Linux developers Alt-Linux, NTC Rosa, CryptoPro, integrator Lanit Integration, and others. Among the Custom Office Software, experts put the company first "New communication technologies" with its cloud service ONLYOFFICE.

China's experience

China headed for import substitution in IT after the revelations of Edward Snowden, who spoke about the espionage of US intelligence agencies to Internet users and communication networks around the world using the Internet.

But the first steps in this direction were taken long before that. In 2002, the development of the Ubuntu Kylin operating system (Ubuntu functionality + a set of Chinese software and applications) began specifically for China and tailored to the needs of the Chinese. The Ubuntu Kylin team works closely with WPS Office (Kingsoft Office) - the most popular office suite in China - over 800 million users. WPS Office is preinstalled on Ubuntu Kylin as a replacement for Microsoft Office and includes document, presentation, and spreadsheet editors.

Is it possible to repeat the successful experience of China in Russian realities?

To assess the chances of Russian office software succeeding in import substitution, we compare the office packages WPS and ONLYOFFICE . So, both office suites include editors for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can read about the available functions on the official websites of the programs, so here we will only consider their distinguishing features.

In addition to the basic functions of editing, format support, a set of fonts, without which editors would not be editors, office suites have fundamental differences.

WPS are desktop editors with the ability to track changes and leave comments on documents. Unlike WPS, ONLYOFFICE is a cloud platform, the desktop version of which is still being prepared for release and will soon see the light of day. Features of WPS, some of which currently distinguish the product favorably - these are document templates, an application for Android, many people like the function of switching documents by tabs, which allows you to edit multiple documents simultaneously. ONLYOFFICE has document templates only in plans, and an Android version is under development.

What distinguishes ONLYOFFICE from WPS (also due to desktop / cloud differences) is the ability to jointly edit documents in real time along with commenting and tracking changes; preservation of document formatting features due to the HTML5 Canvas element both in browsers and on various devices. Of fundamental importance in the transition to a new product is the support of old formats. Editors are fully compatible with MS Office and Open Office formats. As an addition to the office suite, there is also a system for collaborating on projects, CRM, and mail.

Successful testing of the cloud service on Alt Linux gives every reason to believe that it may well be preinstalled on this operating system subsequently, like WPS on Ubuntu Kylin.

With its drawbacks and advantages, WPS was able to replace Microsoft Office in the Chinese market. Will ONLYOFFICE succeed in the Russian space - time will tell.

PS Russia and China are also discussing joint projects as part of the import substitution program for equipment and components for various industries.

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