Internet Development Institute proposes replacing Windows with Linux in Russian municipalities

    On behalf of the president, the Internet Development Institute will prepare proposals for the development of the Runet by October 1.
    In this regard, it became known about one of the initiatives of Iran. The Institute proposes to replace the operating system Windows from Microsoft at one of the many versions of the operating system Linux open source. It is proposed to do this in all municipalities of Russia.

    The initiative should be implemented gradually: first in small municipalities with a population of 10 thousand (in 2017), then in medium ones - up to 100 thousand people (2018), and in 2019 in all the rest. We have already agreed with several governors to carry out the replacement on computers in Windows administrations with different versions of Linux to see how they work, ”the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran German Klimenko told RBC. According to Iran, there are 23 thousand municipalities in Russia with more than 326 thousand employees. The authors of the project believe that it will be possible to agree with the largest Russian suppliers of Linux-based operating systems about a free license. Thus, suppliers will receive new customers who will pay for support and maintenance of the software.

    CEO of the companyAlt Linux Alexey Smirnov commented on this idea: "Some may confuse free software with free software, but this is not the same thing." The cost of a Linux license in retail for one computer can reach 20 thousand rubles. A license for Windows 8.1, for example, costs 12,790 rubles. Developers can use the Linux source code for their own products. However, software created in this way cannot be considered free if the developer does not give consent.

    The President and General Designer of the Rosa Scientific and Technical Center for Information Technologies , Vladimir Rubanov, believes that the transition of municipalities from Windows to Linux "will increase the technological independence of our country." The company is ready to offer a free version of the operating system - Rosa Freshwhich anyone can install.

    The president gave the order to develop proposals for the development of the Russian Internet on May 19, 2015. The head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media Nikolay Nikiforov and the deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin were appointed responsible. Proposals are developed jointly with Iran and IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fund).

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