PayPal payment system has become an independent company

    The eBay online auction has completed the spin-off of PayPal into an independent company. Starting June 20, shares of eBay and PayPal will be sold separately on the stock exchange, writes The Wall Street Journal. As previously reported , the cost of eBay without PayPal will be about $ 30 billion.

    It is worth noting that PayPal and eBay show different financial results. If the revenue of the payment system is growing, then the online auction is not so good: the company sells some assets (for example, a corporate unit ), and optimizes internal processes.

    Each of the companies will have a new own leader. This is Devin Wenig for eBay and Dan Shulman for PayPal. So far, eBay’s CEO has been John Donahue, who is now stepping down from his post. According to Donahue, eBay now has additional difficulties in its work. For example, due to a change in the algorithm for generating search results by the Google search service, links to eBay products are not ranked as high as before.

    Now eBay has to overcome this problem and some other difficulties in order to achieve stable profit growth, John Donahue believes.

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