Rosatom offers Google and Facebook to place personal data of Russians in a new data center near the NPP

    The new Law on Personal Data will enter into force on September 1, 2015. It orders foreign companies to post data on Russian customers exclusively in the Russian Federation. Similar laws already work in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and India.

    Two large US companies Google and Facebook are also subject to the new law. They were offered cooperation by the Rosatom company . Director of Communications Department of Rosatom State Corporation Sergey Novikov said that IT companies can place their servers in the Tver region, on the site near the nuclear power plant. There is the construction of a data center "Rosatom".

    “When located next to the energy source, in this case with the power units of the station, companies have reduced costs and are guaranteed to receive a source of energy. Financial costs are also reduced due to less distance from the source. As to whether or not companies have time to build their data centers, the question is to them. We have electricity, and we can start everything today or in a month, ”Mr. Novikov told Izvestia.

    Head of the Information and Public Relations Department of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSCAndrei Timonov said that the first phase of the data center will work by mid-2016. “The general contractor was determined, and all work went on with the receipt of the relevant permissions. The data center will be partially used for the needs of Rosenergoatom due to the specifics of our business and the turnover of large amounts of data. At the same time, we will occupy 5-10% of the total capacity of the data center. Everything else will be offered on the market, ”he explained.

    Alla Zabrovskaya, director of public relations at Google in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, said that at the moment, the company cannot comment on the situation.

    Today, Megamind wrote that the subsidiary of MTS Moscow City Telephone Network ( MGTS) began to re-equip its telephone exchanges for data storage. Data centers will be created individually for specific customers. The company has 66 buildings at its disposal. So far, only one of them is being rebuilt. At the initial stage, MGTS plans to invest 100 million rubles in the construction of its data centers.

    On July 13, Megamind reported that the Association of European Businesses ( AEB ) still insists on postponing this law. AEB includes about 600 companies from Russia and the European Union. At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum ( PEF) they sent a corresponding proposal to President Vladimir Putin: “let the law come into force this year, but it must remain“ sleeping ”: that is, so that the sanctions provided for by the law begin to be applied after a year, September 1, 2016," said the Kommersant interlocutor. The State Duma does not exclude that American companies are lobbying for a deferment of law in the first place.

    “Since the law came into force, companies have another year to bring their business in line with Russian law. And no one has the right to cancel or freeze the law. All conditions are met, ”believes the interlocutor of Izvestia. Russia is actively supporting foreign companies. The authorities are ready to build a dialogue with each of them. Moreover, data centers are being built in the country to store personal data transferred from other countries.

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