Group has become a leader in the non-gaming segment of the Russian mobile applications market

    According to the analytical service App Annie for March-May 2015, Mail.Ru Group became the leader among publishers of mobile non-gaming applications in Russia in terms of downloads and revenue.

    Last year, the holding was also the leader in the number of downloads, but was in third place in terms of income from its applications in this category. The study does not take into account the revenue of companies from advertising.

    Source: App Annie

    In addition, Yandex was on the list of ten leading companies . He took second place in the number of downloads. The remaining eight places are held by foreign companies. The most popular applications of the leaders are Mail.Ru Mail , Horoscopes, the cartographic service Maps.Me , VKontakte and Odnoklassniki (Mail.Ru Group); Yandex.Navigator , Yandex.Browser, and Yandex.Maps (Yandex).

    Third place is taken by Facebook . In fourth place was the Chinese publisher Cheetah Mobile , which specializes in information security. Fifth place went to Google .

    Companies ranked differently in the revenue ranking. The first place is occupied by Group, the second by the book service Liters , the third by the cartographic company Navitel , and the fourth by the video . In total, there are eight Russian companies in this list, the Japanese holding Rakuten (owner of the Viber messenger - 5th place) and the European social network for dating Badoo (owned by Andrey Andreev - 6th place).

    According to Anara Babayev, marketing director , the rating would be different if advertising revenue were taken into account. “If you look at the“ monsters ”who earn on domestic purchases, then for them advertising is 10% of the total income. And some do not use it at all, ” he told RBC.

    Game publishers who earned more in Russia than Group: Supercell , Machine Zone , Elex Technology did not get into the ratingand Wargaming .

    Russia ranks fifth in the world in the number of downloads from the App Store and Google Play , and in terms of publisher revenue - twelfth. 60% of publisher’s revenue in March-May 2015 came from iOS device owners. Applications from Google Play were downloaded 3.8 times more often than from the App Store. Their smaller contribution to total income is explained by a lower price. 75% of revenue for publishers in Russia comes from games.

    It is worth noting that in the global market takes third place in terms of downloads and fourth in terms of revenue.

    Source: App Annie

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