The new VKontakte photo app has every chance of competing with Instagram

    The developers of the social network "VKontakte" launch an application for working with photos. Now the iOS version of the product is being moderated in the App Store , which takes an average of 5 business days. In addition, a version of the photo application for Android OS is being prepared.

    “The project team is really working on the application, but we can’t say about the launch dates or any other details. Soon, very soon, ”said VKontakte spokesman Georgy Lobushkin.

    The development of a photo application became known in May of this year. The leading designer of the company Pavel Shumakov spoke about him at the Dribbble Meetup industry conference: “Sooner or later, any social network with a lot of media content is forced to divide its only product into“ subproducts ”in order to focus the user's attention on the specific functionality that interests him”

    This will simultaneously solve the problem of the overloaded VKontakte feed, where heterogeneous information is accumulated. As a result, according to developers, users skip friend updates and other useful information.

    The main competitor of VKontakte in the market for such photo applications is certainly Instagram . In December 2014, its monthly audience was 300 million users. According to AppAnnie’s mobile audience counter, Instagram app installs only on the Google Play mobile storeis 0.5-1 billion. In Russia, Instagram is in the TOP 10 most popular free apps on both iOS and Android, according to AppAnnie . And in the "Photos and Videos" category, Instagram turned out to be more popular than YouTube .

    VKontakte developers claim that their photo application will differ significantly from their competitors. The main advantage is full synchronization with the VKontakte social network.

    Unlike Instagram and other photo applications with a standard set of filters, the VKontakte photo application will allow you to change the filter settings, save them and send them to friends. Also in the application will be available "advanced" color correction mode, allowing, for example, to select one color and change it.

    “Full synchronization with the profile on VKontakte solves the problem of initial content in the application. It is always difficult for users to get started to conduct something from scratch, specifically register, and then you log in, and the profile and tape are already formed. This is a huge plus in terms of promoting and engaging users in the service, ” explained Roman Beloded, CEO of e-Legion mobile application developer , to RBC .

    According to the creator of the 4talk messenger Sergey Kravtsov, application development could cost 7–8 million rubles and 3000–3500 man-hours. “This is a very small investment, given that in return, VKontakte receives a new platform for the sale of advertising,” the developer believes.

    "LatelyFacebook (the owner of Instagram) talked about trying to embed the sales button directly in the application: in this way you can advertise products and, if the user likes him, then he can immediately buy it without leaving the application. The attempt is quite interesting - given the audience of VKontakte in Russia and the traffic opportunities, ”says Kravtsov.

    According to him, VKontakte can sell ads in the application stream through a single advertising platform for mobile advertising myTarget , launched at the beginning of 2015 by Mail.Ru Group .

    In addition, the photo application will be able to earn on the sale of additional content for virtual currency or the voices of friends, Beloded admits.

    According to a study by Initiative agenciesand Advance Mediabrands , in 2014, the mobile advertising market segment grew by 59%, and its volume in Russia reached almost 4.9 billion rubles. If the growth dynamics continues, then by 2020 the volume of the mobile advertising market will exceed 20 billion rubles, Beloded predicts.

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