Vladimir Putin will make all digital terrestrial television channels free

    The President of Russia ordered pay-TV operators to broadcast all digital terrestrial television channels for free. To this end, he signed a draft amendment to the laws "On Media" and "On Communications" . The bill was created by the Ministry of Communications in 2014.

    The list of publicly available television and radio channels so far includes only channels from the First Multiplex . Now 10 channels of the Second Multiplex will become publicly available: REN-TV, STS, Domashny, Zvezda, Spas, Sport-Plus (produced by NTV-Plus), TV-3, TNT, "World" and "Muz-TV". In the future, it is supposed to add channels from other multiplexes.

    Pay-TV operators will be prohibited from making changes to the signal of broadcast channels. The operator of the publicly available mandatory television and radio channels is still the state-owned enterprise Russian Broadcasting Network ( RTRS ). Subsequently, for free channels, he will be appointed by the president.

    Now operators most often take the signal of public channels from the air. Now this will be allowed only if there is no technical ability to join the RTRS network, CNews reports .

    “It is completely incomprehensible how operators will have to join the RTRS network and why this is necessary. The essence of broadcasting is that it can be received and relayed in cable networks - this is the essence of collective reception systems, which are now outlawed. This will require very substantial costs from operators. A huge number of small and medium-sized operators will have to build expensive communication lines or rent expensive communication channels. We opposed it and, I think, we will continue to take steps to prevent these norms of the law from being applied, ” said Mikhail Silin , vice president of the Russian Cable Television Association (AKTR).

    He also believes that this step will significantly reduce the reliability of reception and increase the cost of services for the end user.

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