Russian companies lack qualified internet marketers

    The Association of Internet Developers ( AIR ) has proposed introducing the specialty "Internet Marketing" in universities. So far, no Russian university is training specialists in promoting goods and services on the Internet.

    “The state and business are increasingly interested in promoting their goods and services, communicating information to consumers and receiving feedback from the population via the Internet. To date, 73 million people use the Internet in Russia, of which 40 million make purchases through the World Wide Web. Over the past year, the Internet commerce market in our country grew by 31%, and the online advertising market - by 20%, ”the letter was sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. It was also signed by representatives of the Guild of Information Technologies and Digital Communications at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Interactive Agencies.

    Today, about 30% of public services is provided electronically. By 2019, this figure will increase to 70%. Today, 82% of companies need internet marketers. Last year there were 76% of such companies. Olga Baklanova,

    head of the Yulmart staff recruitment and internal communications department, told Kommersant that it’s really not easy to pick up a “high-quality specialist in the field of Internet marketing”.

    According to the estimates of the head of the training committee of the Internet Developers Association, Ekaterina Shukalova, a company can allocate up to 300 thousand rubles for training an Internet marketer. To obtain the necessary qualifications you need to go through three to five courses in this area. And each course can cost from 20 to 50 thousand rubles.

    “The difference between the professions of a marketer and an online marketer is significant: a marketer needs knowledge related to technology, programming, and Internet technologies to work in this position. I can’t take a marketer and immediately throw him into the embrasure of Internet marketing, ”explains Ms. Shukalova. In her opinion, even a specialist with technical knowledge will not be able to cope without a humanitarian base.

    “The ability to work with tools, with complex products and with a multimillion-dollar audience can and should be trained within the company. But you also need knowledge of marketing as a professional field, the tools that empirical sciences such as sociology and statistics operate with in order to be able to correctly compose and conduct an experiment, read statistics, ”says a Yandex spokesman .

    The candidate for the position of Internet marketing is required to be able to solve such problems as:

    • assessment of the effectiveness of traffic channels and advertising campaigns;
    • analysis of the behavior of site visitors;
    • highlighting audience segments;
    • increase site conversion.

    "The Ministry always considers such initiatives with the obligatory involvement of the expert community (specialized universities, associations of employers of the sphere from which the initiative comes," said the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science.

    He also added that at the undergraduate level it is allowed to change 50% of the curriculum. Therefore, universities can make changes on their own into curricula, tailoring them to the needs of employers.

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    What kind of education does an internet marketer need?

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    • 42.4% None (learn everything in practice) 14

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