In the first half of the Russian smartphone and tablet market declined significantly

    The Russian tablet market declined by 29% in units and by 36% in monetary terms for the period from January to July. According to the Svyaznoy study , in the first six months of this year, 2.8 million tablet computers worth 22.7 billion rubles were sold in Russia. And smartphone sales decreased by 11% in real terms and by 2% in rubles. Over six months, 9 million smartphones worth 86 billion rubles were sold.

    “The market dynamics in monetary terms was affected by the increase in the cost of gadgets: the average check increased by 10% compared to last year and amounted to 9.5 thousand rubles,” analysts explain.

    In the second quarter, the gadget market declined even more than in the first. Thus, smartphone sales fell by 15% in units - up to 4.4 million devices. In monetary terms, they decreased by 5% - to 41 billion rubles. This is the first fall of the Russian smartphone market for its entire existence.

    Sales of tablets in the same quarter decreased by 33% in units and by 44% - in rubles. This decrease is due to market oversaturation. In addition, the spread of phablets (smartphones with a diagonal of more than 5.5 inches) could negatively affect the demand for tablets.

    “However, by the fourth quarter, the market will begin to come to life and sales will go up. The release of new products from A-brands and the growth of activity associated with the New Year holidays will help. Moreover, those users who have not changed their devices all year will be forced to update them at some point, ”says Svyaznoy President Michael Touch.

    Nevertheless, according to the results of the year, analysts predict a reduction in the smartphone market by 15% in units and by 10% in monetary terms.

    “The decline in tablet sales will be at least 20% in real terms and about 40% in money. The “high base” effect will also influence such dynamics within the year - I mean the abnormally high sales of the fourth quarter of 2014, ” Mr. Touch told Kommersant.

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