MasterCard tests authorization with selfies and fingerprints

    MasterCard offers new ways of customer identification when paying by card. At the moment, testing is on identification mechanisms using selfies and fingerprints. MasterCard top manager Ajay Bhalla believes this will help fight fraud. Today, SecureCode is considered the safest system , which sends a password via SMS to confirm the payment. However, here too, scammers manage to somehow intercept the message, or simply steal the phone and so on.

    A special mobile application has been created for the new authorization system to work, in which it will be possible to choose as a method of identifying selfies or scanning fingerprints.

    The developers have already signed an agreement with all the leading manufacturers of mobile devices - fromApple before BlackBerry . Collaboration with banks in the USA is also planned. But while the project is in the testing phase, in which about 500 people participate.

    “The new generation loves selfies ... I think they will find all this cool. They will enjoy using it with pleasure, ”Mr. Bhalla is convinced. The experience of using fingerprint scanning in applications of Apple, Alibaba and other companies shows that customers are ready for such methods of authorization. But for this they must be sure that these methods really provide a higher level of security.

    However, some experts are worried about the security of ultrapersonal user data that will be sent, stored and read from MasterCard servers.

    MasterCard will continue to seek and implement new identification methods and payment methods. Experiments are being conducted with voice and pulse recognition. In the future, it is planned to create payment applications not only for mobile devices, but for gadgets such as sports bracelets, Kommersant reports .

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