Luxoft facilitated the move to Europe of 536 developers from Russia and Ukraine

    Company of Luxoft , one of the most well-known software developers, transported from Russia and Ukraine are already 536 developers in Europe. New company employees are now working in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, Vedomosti writes . Luxoft announced this in its financial report for 2015. In the new financial year, the company plans to attract as many developers from Russia and Ukraine.

    The move itself is carried out under the Global Upgrade program, which allows us to reduce the company's operational and macroeconomic risks. According to the management, the company plans to make sure that no more than 25% of the personnel work in each of the offices. 42% of Luxoft employees currently work in Ukraine, although a year earlier this indicator reached 49%. In Russia, no more than 25% of employees work, against 30% a year earlier.

    The Global Upgrade program was announced at the end of May last year, even before the ruble fell against the dollar. Luxoft CEO Dmitry Loshchinin explained the need to introduce an employee relocation program to reduce risks for the company’s business, as Luxoft customers were worried about the events in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia.

    The total number of employees in the Russian and Ukrainian company offices has not changed. So, 1832 engineers are currently working in various cities of Russia, and 3167 developers in Ukraine. The company is gaining staff through successful business. So, this year alone, Luxoft revenue increased by 30.7%.

    According to Sberbank CIB analyst Yulia Gordeeva, the company transports mainly project managers and leading developers, those who work on European projects.

    According to the report for 2015, 80.1% of the developer’s revenue falls on the 10 largest customers of the company. At the same time, 36.3% of Luxoft's revenue came from Deutsche Bank, 20.1% from UBS.

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