Vkontakte plans to earn paid posts in the news feed

    In July, the VKontakte social network launches a new advertising format - these are paid posts directly in the news feed of a social network user. Promotional posts will look the same as regular ones, but they will be marked with a special mark that makes it possible to understand that this is an advertisement, Vedomosti reports . This kind of post can be a text recording with a picture, but it can be a video clip, a survey or a document.

    Currently, promotional posts are available to advertisers only in the desktop version of the social network. In the future, the company plans to add this functionality in the mobile version, as well as in social network applications. The general director of the company, Boris Dobrodeev, believes that in the future such an advertising format will be cross-platform.

    Sales of advertising posts will be carried out according to the payment model for a thousand people who have watched the advertisement. True, the social network plans to introduce other models of such advertising. This may be a payment for clicks on the advertiser's website, and payment for watching a video.

    Within a month, the new format of advertising was tested; about 150 domestic and foreign advertisers participated in it. The average cost per thousand views of an advertising post was about 60 rubles. The cost of the transition was about 6 rubles.

    Now the competitor Vkontakte, the social network Odnoklassniki, earns twice as much. So, in 2014, Vkontakte’s revenue amounted to 4.3 billion rubles, while at Odnoklassniki this figure was at least twice as much. Moreover, the Vkontakte audience is one and a half times the audience of a competing social network.

    “Promotion of recordings is a native format that organically fits into the news feed of a social network, allowing you to bring the company’s appeal to a specific target audience, with unprecedented coverage exceeding that of, for example, television advertising,” commented Dmitry Sergeev, the first deputy general director of Mail.ru Group, .

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