The first results of in the Russian market are close to the level of top online stores

    More recently , the Chinese online store entered the Russian market . On June 18, the company’s website in Russian was launched. Russia became the first overseas market for It was planned that the partners of the company in the Russian market will be Rambler & Co , VKontakte , Yandex.Money , Qiwi , SPSR Express , Yulmart and some other companies. Today, QIWI and Yandex.Money are responsible for acquiring, SPSR Express for delivery, Rambler & Co will drive traffic to the JD website, and Yulmart will issue orders.

    Chief Analyst, Price Comparison ServiceAlexey Petrovsky evaluated the results 11 days after entered the Russian market. According to him, in general, the store has good indicators: average daily traffic of 80 thousand, bounce rate - below 40%, page depth - 5, website time in minutes - 5. The last two indicators correspond to the level of “top e-commerce” writes Petrovsky.

    “In numbers on average market indicators: with traffic of 80 thousand visitors per day - GMV (attracted turnover) in the region of 230 million rubles per month, 8 million rubles per day. With an average check of $ 140 (hypothetically) - 30 thousand orders per month, 1 thousand per day, ”he adds.

    The high cost of an average check is explained by the fact that is a classic online store with its own delivery network and storage facilities.

    The retailer plans to occupy 20% of the e-commerce market in Russia in the next five years. In monetary terms, this share may be about $ 10 billion. It was planned to deliver up to 100 thousand parcels per day with an average check from $ 40 to $ 200. The main categories of products of the online store are electronics and household appliances.

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