Samsung will release a smartphone with an OS adapted for Russia and pre-installed Russian software

    The company Samsung and the "New cloud computing" will become partners. On Korean smartphones running the Tizen operating system, the MyOffice office suite will be preinstalled.

    Tizen is developed on the basis of three versions of Linux OS: MeeGo, LiMo and Bada. The package of Russian office programs includes editors of text, tables and presentations, as well as mail services.

    Both developments are currently being certified for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control.

    Partners believe that smartphones with Russian software will be in demand by government agencies or companies with high security requirements. Every year they need from 20,000 to 50,000 certified mobile devices. Satisfying this demand, the New Cloud Technologies company will be able to earn about 100 million rubles in 2016 in Russia and other CIS countries, estimates Dmitry Komissarov, General Director of the Russian company.

    The price of the smartphone will include a fee for pre-installed Russian products. With each sale of the device, software developers will receive deductions. Office services will be cloudy. In addition, the user will receive a small data warehouse. For its increase you will need to pay money.

    The release date of the smartphone has not yet been disclosed.

    In June 2015, the MyOffice project took third place in the category of “Custom Office Software” among applicants for funding from the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media. The Tizen-based Russian mobile operating system project won second place in the Mobile Operating Systems category.

    Company Infowatch Natalya Kaspersky is also developing such a smartphone. It will be integrated with a program that detects and prevents information leakage, saidVedomosti Infowatch Executive Director Vsevolod Ivanov. Within three years after its release, the company plans to occupy at least 10% of the corporate segment of the Russian smartphone market. According to Ivanov, its volume reaches one million devices.

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