Moscow City Court decided to take interim measures in respect of "Flibusta"

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    claims of Exmo Publishing House, which accused the Flibusta electronic library of violating the rights to certain works, were upheld by the Moscow City Court. The court decided to take preliminary interim measures in relation to the library, Vedomosti writes . Note that the claims of the publisher relate to the works of the American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury: “451 degrees Fahrenheit,” “Dandelion Wine,” “Martian Chronicles,” and “Golden Apples of the Sun.” The Moscow City Court ordered Roskomnadzor to block access to the library pages on which these works are located, while the court did not indicate the page addresses.

    Representatives of the electronic library have already managed to give their comments on what is happening. “From the point of view of the library, this is the highest recognition of merit,” the Flibusta press service said. It is worth noting that “Flibusta” is one of the most famous non-profit electronic libraries in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. The resource receives funding through voluntary donations, the creators also fund the library.

    Created by Flibusta in 2009.

    Note that the co-defendants in the Flibusta case are also the registrar of the site eNomInc (USA) and the hosting provider Root SA Somewhat earlier, the publisher also made complaints to the popular torrent tracker

    Preliminary interim measures are the blocking of the entire resource accused of piracy, or its individual pages. These measures are applied before the lawsuit is filed with the owners of the site on the merits, which should be done within 15 days from the moment the Moscow City Court made a decision on interim measures.

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