Yandex is looking for partners to promote a new project in the Turkish market

    At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the head of Yandex, Arkady Volozh, announced plans for work in Turkey. The company is looking for partners for the development of the Turkish branch. Yandex experts consider it the "internal startup" of the company, so it needs third-party investments.

    Volozh claims that the company has a product that could successfully compete in the Turkish market. Now you need to attract a sufficient number of users. “There will be a user base - it will be easy to monetize it,” he explained.

    According to analysts, the company's share in the Turkish market is about 4%, reports "Interfax".

    In 2011, Yandex already made an attempt to enter the Turkish market. The company's specialists assumed that the Russian and Turkish markets had a lot in common and launched 20 services at once. However, only Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Traffic remained afloat .

    After that, Yandex suspended its activity in the Turkish market. But in April of this year, the company launched a new search service in Turkey. According to studies, this service was chosen by 60% of users surveyed.

    Megamind wrote that Mozilla Corporation agreed to set the default search for Yandex in the Firefox browser for residents of Turkey. Earlier in this country, the default search was set to Google in the Firefox browser settings .

    As representatives of Mozilla write in the company’s blog, the Yandex search was tested on a sample of 10 thousand users. “When Yandex was offered to Turkish users instead of Google, most of them stayed with Yandex,” the Yandex press service said.

    In early June, it became known that Aton analysts predicted the departure of Yandex from the Turkish market in 2016. Analysts at the investment company made this conclusion after a meeting with Yandex Investment Director Ekaterina Zhukova. According to her, the company's EBITDA decreased by 2-3 points in connection with the development of business in Turkey, and the effect intensified due to the devaluation of the ruble.

    “We are actively developing our presence in Turkey, and as a result, we have seriously improved the quality of the search. According to internal estimates and external researchers, the search for Yandex in Turkey has surpassed competing products, Yandex representatives deny the forecast.

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