The popularity of payment terminals in Russia is declining

    Photo: E. Razumnyy / Vedomosti

    According to the J'son & Partners Consulting analytical agency, last year the turnover of payment terminals in Russia grew by about 5%, to 1.15 trillion rubles. Compared with the previous year, the pace of development slowed down three times, Vedomosti writes . According to experts, such a slowdown is associated with a decrease in the number of payment transactions that go through the terminals. Note that the number of transactions has been gradually decreasing since 2010, but so far this decrease has been offset by an increase in the average payment amount - from 116 rubles. in 2009 up to 230 rubles. last year. Now the working volume of payments for mobile communications through terminals has begun to decrease. The share of payments of this type in the total turnover decreased to 50% or lower.

    There are several reasons why people work with terminals less often than before. Firstly, the terminals have relatively high commissions. Secondly, subscribers of telecom operators (both cellular and Internet service providers) prefer to pay for the services of such companies through mobile applications or through company websites. According to the CBR, by the beginning of 2011, about 137 million bank cards were issued in Russia. By the beginning of this year, more than 227 million such cards were issued. The number of active electronic wallets is also increasing - over the past year the number of such wallets has increased by 17% (about 45 million at present).

    Some analysts believe that now it is already possible to talk about a drop in turnover, rather than a slowdown in growth. According to the top manager of one of the largest electronic payment systems in the Russian Federation, only last year the turnover of terminals decreased by about 10-15%. A common reason is the popularization and distribution of banking products and services.

    Another expert believes that the turnover of payments through terminals is still growing, but at a much slower pace than the turnover of electronic money. Perhaps this is a consequence of market saturation and the growing popularity of alternative means of payment among the population and business. Nevertheless, cash payments are the main form of payment, so a strong drop in terminal turnover can not be expected.

    According to Qiwi, about 36.6% of people who replenish accounts through terminals used the company's terminals in the first quarter of this year. In 2014 alone, this company grew by 8% more payment acceptance points, with a total number of points exceeding 181,000.

    Telecom Daily agency general director Denis Kuskov believes that the terminals are inferior to a banking product due to the relatively high commission that is charged to payers . But it is commissions that are the main source of profit for terminal owners, since internal commissions are very low.

    Evgeny Ievlev, head of the payment services development department at Alfa Bank, believes that now payments are gradually moving to online channels. So, according to Ievlev, the number of users of Alfa-Bank’s online banking and mobile application is growing at double-digit rates.

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