20% of Russians will work remotely by 2020

    According to the forecast of J'son & Partners Consulting, 20% of jobs in Russia will be virtual by 2020, which will save employers more than a trillion rubles, RBC writes .

    In 2013, 2.3 million people worked remotely in Russia. In 2014, their number grew to 2.52 million - this is 4% of the total working population of 68 million people.

    Out of 2.53 million people, 1.93 million do not use IT solutions for remote employees, while 0.6 million do not use freelancers and remote employees using such solutions.


    In the first place among the "remote workers" according to November 2014 - programmers. The top five include customer support staff, designers, analysts, and financial departments. The number of remote employees is growing due to the spread of broadband access to the network, cloud services and video conferencing. Analysts at J'son & Partners Consulting note that these tools can reduce costs and attract highly qualified employees - for them, working outside the office is a bonus.


    Each remote employee will bring the company’s economy 170 thousand rubles a year, and the total economic effect of telecommuting in Russia is 68 billion rubles a year. Of these, 22 billion rubles - saving time on the way to the office, 5 billion - access to the workplace during the hospital, and 38 billion - saving on the office. Another 3 billion is due to lower salaries through the hiring of employees from the regions.

    Constraining factors for the spread of remote employment include the employer's reluctance to arrange work with remote employees, the lack of control over an employee outside the office, and fear for corporate information.


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