Russia became the first overseas market for the Chinese online store

    Chinese online retailer announced its entry into the Russian market. Its competitors are the largest retailers AliExpress and eBay . However, unlike them, is a classic online store with its own delivery network and storage facilities.

    On June 18, the company’s website in Russian will be launched. Russia is the first overseas market for True, the company has not yet registered a legal entity.

    JD plans to organize its own logistics network in our country and rent warehouses. The minimum delivery time for goods for Russian buyers will be five days.

    In May, Megamind wrote that a Chinese online retailer began to work with a Russian delivery service.SPSR . The retailer plans to occupy 20% of the Russian e-commerce market in the next five years. In monetary terms, this share may be about $ 10 billion. It is planned to deliver up to 100 thousand parcels per day with an average check from $ 40 to $ 200. The main categories of products of the online store are electronics and household appliances.

    Goods will also be sold in the Yulmart store . “We have been negotiating collaboration for over a year,” said JD Communications Director Brian Keane. Such cooperation, at a minimum, allows expanding Yulmart's product range to 1 million SKU. Rambler

    will drive traffic to the JD website. “JD has proven its worth in the most complex market. E-commerce in Russia will require serious logistics efforts from JD and its partners. We expect to be useful in terms of marketing and promoting JD, ”said Rambler Managing Partner Alexander Mamut.

    In addition, the partners of the company will be VKontakte , Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Money , Qiwi and some other companies.

    According to co-founder of the research agency Data InsightFedor Virin, the Russian market is enough for both AliExpress and eBay, which are eager for our market - simply because outside the MKAD this market is virtually empty. “The growth of purchases from China to Russia will continue, as Chinese suppliers provide assortment and prices that are not available to most regions, he explained to RBC.

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