Web Standards Days June 20 in St. Petersburg

    On Saturday, June 20, we will again hold the Web Standards Days conference on front-end and web standards in St. Petersburg and will be glad to see you among the participants.

    The venue is new. Instead of the usual faculty of retraining specialists at the Polytechnic University, we decided to try something new and found an excellent hall in the very center of St. Petersburg - the Center for Business Culture on Pochtamtskaya Street.

    This year we will please you with a foreign speaker Bruce Lawson, who will be speaking in St. Petersburg for the first time and telling about Blink.

    We have already announced speakers from Opera Software, Yandex, LiveJournal and Avito. Here is the full version of the program:

    1. Our smaller browsers, or We need to talk seriously, Vadim Makeev
    2. Component web. Penetration into design, Anton Vinogradov
    3. First, a style guide - an approach to the development of UI components, Varya Stepanova
    4. Life in isolation, Roman Dvornov
    5. Why Blink isn’t the new IE6, Bruce Lawson
    6. Service Workers as a Premonition, Vyacheslav Shebanov
    7. Debugging code in a browser, Anton Shuvalov
    8. Interactive 3D graphics on WebGL, Vasilika Klimova
    9. Books in the browser, Oleg Mokhov
    10. Button, Roman Komarov
    11. We revive the text, Julia Bukhvalova

    At #wstdays, we want to make a stand for sharing stickers and books on web-related topics and related topics.

    We ask you to grab stickers about web technologies that you don’t mind exchanging or donating, or they just roll around idle. Surely, you have somewhere left an octocat, stickers from conferences, logos of technologies, companies, projects, etc. ... Any will do, you can have many of the same.

    We also offer you to support bookcrossing and exchange books about HTML, CSS, JS, and web technologies in the first place. But, for sure, books on related topics will come in handy: on programming, management and design. If you read a book and are ready to give it to other interested people for free, then bring it with you to the conference. But look, do not get carried away with too hardcore books that are not suitable for the topic.

    Registration is open, participation, as always, is free - webstandardsdays.ru/2015/06/20

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