Samsung is preparing to transfer customer data to Russia, and Lenovo almost completed it

    Samsung leased capacities in the Russian data center for storing data of Russian citizens in the country, according to Vedomosti . Lenovo began preparing to enact law 242-ФЗ in February and almost completed the transfer of personal data of Russians.

    According to a Vedomosti source from Samsung management, the company prepares personal data for Russian customers from accounts and smartphone applications for transfer to a Russian data center. The company leased capacities of the DataPro data center for these purposes. Samsung comes from the “strictest interpretation” of the law.

    The head of Lenovo in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe, Gleb Mishin, said that Lenovo had almost completed the data transfer. the company transferred the personnel database to its own servers. On servers in China, the company stores registration form data that the customer fills out when purchasing a new product: Lenovo will transfer this data to Russia if necessary or destroy it.

    Acer decides whether the information that users share is personal information. The company will transfer the applicable laws to servers in Russia.

    In 2015, Roskomnadzor held a number of meetings with representatives of foreign companies on the topic of transferring Russian data to the country. Consent to data storage in Russia was given by eBay , AliExpres and

    Amendments to the law “On Personal Data”, which will oblige IT companies to store personal data of Russians in Russia, will enter into force on September 1, 2015. They will not have retroactive effect : the databases that were modified before September 1, 2015 can be stored in the same places, but after any changes they should be transferred to the physical servers of Russia.

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