Creating your own company. Mission declaration

    Good afternoon, dear readers of Megamind!

    After a short break in solving the problems of registering a company, I again return to the publication of ideas on what is needed to create a company.

    Today I am pleased to present you the idea of ​​what a mission statement is, why and for whom it is needed. And at the same time I will give the mission of my company (so that there is no advertising, I will not disclose the name). So, those interested - please read!

    I thought for a long time what unites successful companies, and whether their success is a regularity, not an accident. And every day I came closer to the answer, to the solution of an important question - what is characteristic of all successful firms? Yes, this is a mission, or rather, its presence.

    As I already wrote in my article, the mission must be determined at the first stage of the development of your company. But he did not specify that the mission should be declared - that is, it was announced (published) to the public.
    Having defined the mission of your company, you get an unlimited amount of funds for implementation. But from words to action - I will give examples of real firms, and in the end I will tell about my own.

    1. Google mission

    What is the first idea that comes up with the phrase "Google mission"? Give people information? A good option, but not complete. Make life comfortable for each of us? It’s also not bad, but rather vague. Here is the information from the official Google website:
    Organize all the information available in the world, making it accessible and convenient for use.

    We see that Google is committed to organizing, processing and transmitting information - and it’s pretty good at it. We use the products of this company every day, and we like it.

    2. Mission of a real estate agency in Russia

    Again, we make a few assumptions. Settle everyone? It is absurd, albeit original. Meet international standards? Again vague.

    Here is the official mission:
    Make the rental market transparent, understandable and open

    This makes it possible to use many tools that will allow the rental market to reach a new level.

    UPD I will give examples of several more companies, as Russian real estate agencies are a rather controversial example.
    3. Company **** is the leader in the market for easy-cooking products in Russia:
    “To free up consumer time for a fulfilling life by producing high-quality easy-cooking products.”

    What specific products does it make? Absolutely everything that frees up time. And there is no limit here.

    4. "*****" - payment system:
    “Providing individuals and legal entities with a qualitatively new level of cashless payments based on modern electronic technologies.
    We consider the development of a high-tech payment service as one of the conditions for achieving a new quality of life, more productive and comfortable use of personal time by a person in the context of an increasing volume of information and an increasing supply of goods and services. ”

    Providing a qualitatively new level does not limit the company to use a limited range of tools - it can realize your mission in different ways.

    My company’s mission

    I have long enjoyed helping people. But I always understood that not everyone needs my help. And recently, I realized that I can create a company (and already created), which puts its mission
    Make people's lives more comfortable, more interesting and safer.

    I like when people satisfy their desires. But I am even more pleased when they do this without prejudice to themselves and others.

    What does the declaration of my mission allow me? That I can engage in completely different activities: create a convenient scheduler application, open a sushi studio, set up an advertising agency, launch a design studio. All my future (and current) directions are united by one thing: I try to make each person’s life more comfortable, more interesting and safer.

    More comfortable - it will be convenient for you to work with me; more interesting - I really appreciate your desires and make every effort to make them come true. Safer - I guarantee honesty with the client, the quality of my services and their legitimacy.

    I hope that my article will help determine undecided (what do they want from their company) and adjust plans for those who have almost achieved success.

    PS: By the way, with a clear mission in your head it’s much easier to get financing.

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