The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to consider Russian microcircuits of Russian companies manufactured abroad

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed criteria by which microcircuits will be recognized as domestic products. So, the manufacturer must be a tax resident of the Russian Federation. More than half of the company should belong to Russian owners. All circuitry solutions should be developed by domestic specialists. The development of specifications and program code should be carried out in Russia.

    Chips designed and manufactured in the Russian Federation will be considered as "integrated circuits of domestic production of the first level." If the manufacture of chips was carried out outside of Russia, then they will be recognized as "second level" microcircuits.

    Sources of Kommersant report that the company NIIME and Mikroninsisted on the recognition of microcircuits domestic only if manufactured in Russia. But the director of the Department of Radio Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Sergey Khokhlov explained that in our country there is no technological opportunity to produce some types of microcircuits with a technological process of less than 65 nm. The T-Platforms company , for example, produces precisely such microcircuits - with a 32 nm and 28 nm manufacturing process. Therefore, it is necessary to do this in other countries. Most often they are made in Southeast Asia. Taking into account this situation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced the concept of domestic “second level” microcircuits. Thus, such companies will also be considered as domestic manufacturers in government procurements of microelectronics.

    The company NIIME and Micron has been developing 90 nm microchips since 2011. In addition, a 65 nm production launch is being prepared. The MCST and T-Platforms companies recently demonstrated 28 nm chips. They are launching the production of multi-core Elbrus and Baikal processors in Taiwan.

    Last year, the microelectronics market in Russia amounted to about $ 2.78 billion. The share of imported products on the market was 83%. President of the Non-Profit Partnership "Assistance to the Microelectronic Industry" Karina Abagyan predicts that the measures of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to protect domestic manufacturers could lead to an increase in chip sales to 40-50 billion rubles a year.

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