The Ministry of Communications is looking for developers of the national mobile OS

    In April 2015, the Ministry of Communications was officially engaged in the search for developers of the national mobile operating system. Currently, about 95% of the operating systems used in Russia are imported, Vedomosti writes . By 2020, the department plans to reduce the percentage of imported products used to 75%, by 2025 - to 50%. Now, two participants have already submitted applications for the creation of a domestic mobile OS. This is SRI SOKB and Jolla, a Finnish company.

    As for the Scientific Research Institute of Computer Security, until here the application was submitted on behalf of a consortium of the Scientific Research Institute of Computer Systems, Samsung Electronics Rus Company LLC, Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Security Problems of Moscow State University. The basis for development is considered to be the OS from Samsung - the Tizen mobile operating system. The project cost indicated in the application is 1.23 billion rubles. Of these, about 65% are proposed to be financed by the state.

    The second project is submitted by one company, Jolla. The Finns offer their Sailfish OS as the basis for the project. The cost of the project from Jolla is higher than the cost of the project of the SRI SOKB. So, in the application of the Finnish company 2.225 billion rubles are indicated, of which a part of 1.89 billion rubles is proposed. to finance from the budget.

    Igor Kalaida, the Director General of the Scientific Research Institute of the SOKB, believes that about 80% of the cost of creating a new OS is writing the core of the software platform. If you take the core of Tizen as a basis, you can refine it to Russian requirements. The requirements include the use of libraries with Russian encryption standards, as well as working with libraries that implement protection against unauthorized access. Government funds will be allocated only to developers' salaries. The total duration of work on the Russian OS will take about 4-5 years, although the first version will appear in a year. It is planned to create a national application store, mainly for state and corporate customers.

    Now Sailfish already runs one domestic product - the YotaPhone smartphone.

    At the same time, applications that were developed for the Android OS can run on Sailfish. Nevertheless, it is necessary to adapt the applications for this OS, which can take at least 4-6 months. To work under Tizen, applications will also have to be adapted.

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