Founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma to come to Russia for the first time to talk about the future of Internet retailing

    On June 19, Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba Internet platform, will speak at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ( SPIEF ) . He will prepare a report on the topic “From information technology to data technology: a new era in commerce and trade” (From IT to DT: A new era for commerce and trade). Jack Ma is the richest man in China. “We will participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to show our unique view on global e-commerce, as well as to promote and support the sphere of international cross-border trade,” the Alibaba Group press service said. The forum will be held from June 18 to 20. Foreign participants include Paul Rollinson, head of Kinross Gold Corporation

    , and Hans-Paul Burkner, head of The Boston Consulting Group . “But they confirmed their participation with the caveat: if relations between Russia and the West deteriorate, then they may refuse to participate in the forum,” a source told RBC. According to him, Jack Ma’s participation “will add points to the SPIEF status”. The forum will be attended by fewer foreigners than the organizers would like.

    Jack Ma presents the future of online retailing as “a system of equivalent business elements, where each element will interact with others,” says one of his interviews. He does not seek to create an e-commerce empire. Ma's focus has been to make Alibaba "the largest aggregator of Chinese online stores." As this goal is achieved, the retailer gradually begins to enter the international market.

    According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index , Jack Ma's fortune exceeds $ 29.7 billion. He owns an 8.9% stake in Alibaba Group.

    The online store AliExpress is the most popular online retailer in our country. Every month, it is visited by 15.6 million Russian customers. According to SimilarWeb, in the general audience of AliExpress, Russian buyers are in second place in terms of attendance. They provide 9.9% of the traffic. The United States with 10.36% of traffic takes first place in Russia.

    On June 2, Megamind wrote that the Alibaba Group was opening a representative office in Russia. The director general of Infoline Analytics, Mikhail Burmistrov, estimates the annual turnover of independent sellers who have collaborated with Alibaba in Russia at 110 billion rubles. He estimates the company's revenue at 5.5 billion rubles. In connection with the opening of a representative office, Alibaba's revenue growth in our country can reach 30%, he notes.

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