What do we offer developers for Mac OS?

    Good afternoon, Megamind!

    Today I would like to tell you what we offer to the average developer for Mac and what we, in our opinion, lack in our application, I ask for cat.

    A place for your applications.

    Let's start with the most important thing for each developer - with the distribution of applications. If your application is free, we provide you with a platform for distributing your application for free. Our primary goal is to help and facilitate the distribution of high-quality software that for one reason or another cannot get into the official Apple store, and also help the development of novice developers and their rather interesting ideas. We do not require you to pay money for a developer account or pay for the placement of your application.

    Advertising for your applications.

    We are also ready to offer you an alternative advertising platform, an analog of Apple iAD which we are developing together with DesktopAD and which you can integrate into your paid or free application. According to our information, some developers earn about $ 1,500 from their free applications for several weeks with our advertising platform and distribution through our store. You can learn more by visiting our developer center at https://hack-store.com/for-developers

    Advertise your apps on HackStore.

    And also, we provide you inexpensive advertising for your applications in our store, for this several options are available such as two types of banners as well as paid positions in the top and Editor Choice for a certain period and news about your application in our social networks.

    Placement of paid applications.

    If you have a paid application, we are always ready to sell your application in our store using the FastSpring payment system . You only need to register as a developer at https://hack-store.com/for-developers and download your paid application through HackStore. We take 20% from each successful purchase of your application, and at the end of the month we transfer your profit to you, and you can always see your sales statistics in your personal account. Our store also supports the try before you buy option which allows the user to download a trial version of your product for testing and the subsequent purchase of a paid version.

    What we are missing.

    In our opinion, we really miss you fellow developers as well as your applications, we try to create unique conditions for you and we hope that together we can change the distribution path of third-party applications on Mac OS. And we really miss your advice on how to improve, what to change or add to the HackStore, we try to be better and we hope that you will help us with this!

    We are waiting for your comments, comments and also your applications in our store, and thank you for being with us!

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